Lore of Aetrus


Aetrus, said to have at first been a dead and desolate rock with only soil and rock, thus no water. All changed with the Beginnings of Life, for then out of nowhere miniscule lifeforms crawled from the soil. Over time these turned into recognisable but primitive creatures. Eventually there clashed the Anbethra'ahir and Wildmen. Seeking ways to create slaves to build up their empire, the Anbethra’ahir caused the first spark of magic which led to the Becoming of Sea. This meant the long-lasting Aetreanwide dark age. The Becoming of Sea commenced the sudden and paramount creation of water, which divided the peoples and the continents; lands were split up and on islands some peoples became isolated with no means of transportation or communication. Time passed and the races transformed due to their surroundings and their societies. These processes progressed until there were the Elvenkin, Men, Bethra’ahim, Orcs, Trolls, Halflings and the many species as we currently know.

It is claimed by the human who goes by the name Bal’varan that there is another planet called Zayphus which was once part of Aetrus. This place he calls home, though says that by a ritual of Specterial Transferral he traversed through time and space and begot a new body of a still unnamed man, which he calls but a mere cask and not his true self. He makes claim that before Aetrus and Zayphus were split there was another era of life, and of magic. Though this does not deny the validity of the legends told by Vadu, the Bethra’ahim noble. It implies that this was eons before Aetrus was dead and reborn.

So Aetrus is known for its many dark ages; it brings life, which flourishes for no apparent reason, and then lets it wither and with it decays and dies off completely. For these reasons it is not actually known how and when Aetrus came to be, for it seems it infinitely cycles through total death, and limitless life. Since the coming of Bal’varan the thought that Aetrus may be older has begun to spread, even among his kind on Zayphus. For it not definitively known if they were the very first, and this knowledge will forever be forgotten. Aetrus prompts many questions, but kills off many more answers.

    • Gear on Aetrus:

      • Sword of enhanced dexterity: Pretty common sword, grants the wielder extra dexterity.

      • Armor of Derin Leather: Expensive piece of armor, only buyable in Mogu'San. Very light armor with high defense.

      • Ring of Water: Rare item that grants the wearer to never be thirsty.

    • Zayphus belongings:

      • Staff of Infinite Eons: A very rare staff which makes the bearer immortal. Obtained in the Tombs of The Unceasing a decade after being exiled from Agatheran and given the curse of Deafblindness

      • Ring of Senses: An ancient ring found deep in the Forest of Light. Grants the bearer to regain all five of the sensory organs in optimal functionality x2.

      • Cape of Lost Souls: Forged out of star dust by the deceased god; Barantheum, the Annihilator. Given on his death bed to show gratitude of saving his daughter out of the claws of Overlord R'Tulain N'katulair at Mount Vortex.

      • Supernova (Lantern): A Lantern with the ability to blind anyone close by. Synergises with the Ring of Senses.


  • Modro: ….(age, race, personal traits) Joins the fellowship in Mogu’san.

    • Personal quests:

    • Personal Gear:

      • Mogu’san tunic(?)


Cast secondary/NPS’s:

  • Rah’duin troll: someone (elders of Darkspear?) will conceal his identity; bigger role than thought. Turned to stone till the next blood-moon (??? Mooncycles???).

  • Silvathan King: feared the prophecy (why) and exiled his son Morgubol.

  • Anguil, the Elven emperor: declared war to the simple Pandral people

  • Witchdragon of Brekhenbrakh: said to have killed Morgubol (not true). Not known if they had a duel.

  • Ismail: human lover of Din’kuvah. Lost

  • Dark troll overlord Har-Kash’r (dead)

  • R'Tulain N'katulair. Archenemy of Bal’varan (alive but blind).

  • Lord Synth Sephiran: …

  • Lady of Blue:

  • Tarboth:



  • Stone crawlers

  • Rah’duin trolls

  • ...


Master Villain - Lord Synth Sephiran: ...


Minor Villains:

  • Witchdragon of Brekhenbrakh: …




1)     Find Ismail

2)     Know about the prophecy+bond


Story hook: …


General Setting: On the road

Specific Setting 1/2/3/4/5/6: ...